About Us

About Us – the College of

International Holistic Studies

If your ambition is to study Natural Medicine in order to help people with anything from migraines to weight loss to cancer, then the College of International Holistic Studies is the best place for you to learn. The cutting-edge natural medicine online courses are unique when compared to other colleges and schools because of the broad coverage of material that goes way beyond any one healing modality. Through affiliations with numerous national and international accreditation organizations and boards, CIHS offers Certificates and Diplomas in a variety of highly demanding therapeutic skills. Learn more about us below.

Mission & Vision

CIHS strives to preserve, share and advance the philosophy of natural medicine throughout the worldwide community and, as such, CIHS is committed to promoting holistic and natural health both nationally and internationally by producing graduates of the highest quality.

The Diploma Programs and Certificate courses offered by CIHS are designed to blend the rigor of medical science with the time-tested power of alternative therapies. Each program is designed to provide students with the practical knowledge and experience to help others as well as the appreciation of each individual’s unique ability to heal themselves and how you can facilitate them on their journey. To help you on your way, CIHS is staffed with expert scientists, instructors and healers committed to learning and teaching, and promoting good health.

CIHS Key Facts

  • Canadian-based International Institution of higher learning.
  • Offers one of the most comprehensive natural and holistic medicine online programs in the world.
  • Registered Educational Institution with the Government of Canada.
  • Issues T2202A Educational tax receipts for all courses longer than two days.
  • Affiliated with numerous national and international accreditation organizations and boards.
  • Provides Online Education Programs- enabling you to obtain cutting edge learning at home..

Our Purpose is to help you fulfill Yours

CIHS is dedicated to serving students who care about themselves and the lives of others. You may be seeking greater awareness of healthier wholeness for yourself or a loved one. You may wish to earn a professional designation and open your own healing practice. Our purpose is to help you to explore and learn about what you feel drawn to because its been our experience that people do best in those areas they are most attracted to.

“Embarking upon this profession will effect a lasting change in your own life and the lives of those you touch.”