DEM100 – Diploma in Energy Medicine

Course Description

Become a Professional Healer—Everything Is Energy: In this twelve-month program you will develop your natural ability to sense and channel energy to build your intuition, heal all levels of energy in others, and attract clients to your business.

The human body contains energy channels, known in Chinese healing as meridians, and in SANSKRIT as chakras, which collect and transport energy through-out the body and energy field. These energy channels can be utilized to sense dis-ease and to promote wellness. Everyone has one or two levels of natural energy awareness.

Janet Amare has been a professional healer since 1984 and will help you to understand your natural abilities and will help train you to expand your intuitive abilities and skills in channelling energy to others. By the end of the twelve month course you will have the tools to begin your personal healing practice or to develop a coaching or counselling practice. Janet will work with you throughout the process to help you to assess and develop your personal skills for the work you choose to do.

Develop Your Discernment & Spiritual Connection—12 online modules of Seminar, Lecture, Hands on practical practice, Workshops and Audio Lessons; Online video tutorials, Personal Coaching; Group online coaching, Reading, and Case Studies (Over 525 hours in total)


  • Hand-in exercises, Reading, Completion of videos, Case Studies, Exam


  • High School Diploma or Adult Student status
  • Fluent in the English Language
  • Acceptance into the program is based on your personal interview with Janet Amare, the instructor, and answers to a short questionnaire. Book your appointment today.


  • 525 clock hours over 12 months

Course Details

DEM101 Spiritual Principles of Healing

This course will focus on how Spiritual healing differs from traditional medicine and pharmacology. It will cover the funda mentals of universal laws; channelling, psychic readings, prophecy, karma, and how they relate to healing.

DEM102 Channelling Energy and Insight

Understanding energy, building and channelling energy in the body, developing your chi sense with Qi Gong and using tools to measure energy.

DEM103 Sacred Geometry & Understanding the Chakra

System Seeing the body as your temple and using tools to interpret energy flow.

DEM104 Sensing and Using Energy To Heal

Using a pendulum and dowsing. Interpreting messages, dreams,and life events. Building your personal energy field. Learning how your body and sensory apparatus sense, read, and interpret energy

DEM105 Advanced Hands-on Healing Using Light, Colour & Sound

Learning to build, receive, transmit and sense energy in humans, places, objects, and thoughts.

DEM106 Advanced Hands-on Healing of Organs, Systems & Chakras

Specific techniques to repair, rebuild, and transform the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies using energy and intent.

DEM107 Regression to Release Limiting Decisions

Developing the skills to travel in space and time to heal decisions and experiences that limit and to imprint positive energies to improve the present.

DEM108 Regression Part 2

Practice with regression to early childhood & past lives. How to handle regression when emotional charges are high due to trauma, loss or violence

DEM109 Coaching, Counselling & Healing

Advanced listening, interviewing and presentation skills to build trust and open hearts and minds. How to work virtually and sense, read and transmit energy over large distances.

DEM110 Spiritual Business Practices

Magnetizing, promoting, attracting. How is a spiritually based business different from traditional ones? Founding energy – how do you create from a spiritual source. Workshop format with direct results, such as flyers, brochures, seminars, business cards, or healing processes.

DEM110 Spiritual Principles to Attract Clients.

Understanding and using energy principles to build your business, attract new work, and maintain a positive spiritual presence.

DEM112 Becoming a Healer in the World.

Putting it all together into a business plan, developing tools, tech niques and procedures to assist clients. Ongoing professional development, promotion and building Community


Non refundable deposit of $230.00 to Janet Amare plus

  • Option 1: Tuition paid in full at start $3590.00
  • Option 2: Payment beginning of each month $380.00
  • Option 3: Payment on Sept.1st, Dec.1st, Mar.1st $1260.00

How To Apply

  1. Register for this program by proceeding to Home Page – Registration Button on
  2. Spell your name on the registration form exactly as you would like it on your Certificate or Diploma.
  3. Pay your $75.00 non refundable student registration fee to CIHS which will entitle you to an education tax receipt and a Diploma upon graduation.
  4. Contact Janet Amare for a 20 minute phone consultation
  5. Send your registration form and deposit to Janet Amare.


Course begins when you register. T-2202 Tax Receipts will be issued if registered with CIHS before Dec. 31st in the year you start your program.

CIHS does not guarantee job placement after completing any of
our programs.