DEM100 - Diploma in Energy Medicine

Janet Amare
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Course Description

Become a Professional Healer-Everything Is Energy In this twelve month program you will develop your natural ability to sense and channel energy to build your intuition, heal all levels of energy in others, and attract clients to your business.

The human body contains energy channels, known in Chinese healing as meridians, and in SANSKRIT as chakras, which collect and transport energy throughout the body and energy field. These energy channels can be utilized to sense dis-ease and to promote wellness. Everyone has one or two levels of natural energy awareness.

Janet Amare has been a professional healer since 1984 and will help you to understand your natural abilities and will help train you to expand your intuitive abilities and skills in channelling energy to others. By the end of the twelve month program you will have the tools to begin your personal healing practice or to develop a coaching or counselling practice. Janet will work with you throughout the process to help you to assess and develop your personal skills for the work you choose to do.

Develop Your Discernment & Spiritual Connection – 3 Courses of 4 Modules each, utilizing a combination of online videos, online live virtual sessions & optional in person sessions. Includes in class, personal coaching, group online coaching, reading & case studies (Over 525 hours in total in 3 parts of approximately 175 hours each.)


  • Attendance at online, live lectures; watch independent study videos; in-class practice; reading; exam and submission 5 case studies and an essay


  • High School Diploma or Adult Student status
  • Fluent in the English Language
  • Acceptance into the program is based on your personal interview with Janet Amare, the instructor, and answers to a short questionnaire. Book your appointment today.


  • 525 clock hours over 12 months

Course Details

Certificate in Energy Medicine – PART ONE (Modules 1-4)

DEM101 (Module 1, part 1) Sensing & Using Energy

Using your body, third eye and hands to sense energy types, energy flow and qualities of different types of energy gatherers & emitters. Scanning & sensing energy in the human aura, & from a distance. Channelling colours of light & frequencies of sound.

DEM102 (Module 2, part 1) Building &Channelling Energy

Learn how to gather energy into your energy field & direct it using light, colour & sound. Develop ability to sense energy blockages & channel appropriate frequencies to promote healing, Balance & overall well being. Open to intuitive insight to support energy channelling.

DEM103 (Module 3, part 1) Hands-On-Healing Tools & Techniques

Practice specific techniques to channel overall energy, clear congestion, inflammation & promote healing on the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels. Develop ability to sense, gather, direct & access energy in the human energy field.

DEM104 (Module 4, part 1) Understanding & working with the Chakra System

Seeing the body as a temple & using the chakra system to promote healing of neighbouring organs & systems. Sensing & channelling energy through the chakras & meridian systems.

Certificate in Energy Medicine – PART TWO (Modules 1-4)

DEM105 (Module 1, part 2) Advanced Energy Medicine

Using the principles of sacred geometry learn specialized energy techniques to balance & build the overall energy in the hormonal & circulatory systems & to treat pain, inflammation & dis-ease.

DEM106 (Module 2, part 2) Regression To Release Limiting Decisions

Developing the skills to travel in space & time to heal decisions & experiences that limit you & to imprint positive energies to improve the present. Learn how mental emotional healing through regression transforms the physical body & energy field.

DEM107 (Module 3, part 2) Counselling, Coaching & Grief Healing

Utilizing spiritual principles to give clients options, guide their actions & help them through life’s changes. Learn tools & techniques to build relationships & aid people through loss & change.

DEM108 (Module 4, part 2) Interview & Listening Skills

Advanced listening, interviewing & presentation skills—what are they & how do you use them with spiritual insight. Sensing and utilizing energy from across the room.

Certificate in Energy Medicine – PART THREE (Modules 1-4)

DEM 109 (Module 1, part 3) Spiritual Business Practices

How is a spiritually based business different from a traditional one? You will learn energy magnetizing of clients, spiritual marketing, promoting & attracting. Learn how to create from a spiritual source. Develop the ability to clarify & create a powerful founding energy for your business.

DEM110 (Module 2, part 3) Spiritual Principles to Attract & Retain Clients

A workshop format to practice using energy principles to build your business, attract new work & maintain a positive spiritual presence. You will have the opportunity to develop a brochure, training program, product or service with direct feedback.

DEM111 (Module 3, part 3) Practical Experience with Live Clients

A full day of practice in interviewing, coaching, counselling and hands-on practice with live “clients”. You will get direct feedback and guidance to further your channelling skills.

DEM112 (Module 4, part 3) Putting Your Spiritual Energy Medicine Skills To Work

Learn how to utilize your skills and “put it all together” with a flow chart to assist you in knowing how to approach particular issues. Develop your ability to balance intuition with logic and create programs to assist clients through transformation to wellbeing.


Please note there is a non refundable registration fee to CIHS of $75.00.

  • Option 1: Tuition paid in full at start $2700 (for 3 certificates)
  • Option 2A: – Pay for Certificate of Energy Medicine – Part 1 (DEM101 to DEM104) – $800
  • Option 2B: – Pay for Certificate of Energy Medicine – Part 2 (DEM105 to DEM108) – $800
  • Option 2C: – Pay for Certificate of Energy Medicine – Part 3 (DEM109 to DEM112) – $800
  • Option 3: Payment to advance to a Diploma program (upon approval) and a submission of 3 additional case studies covering the 3 parts – $500.00

How To Apply

  1. Register for this program by proceeding to Home Page – Registration Button on
  2. Spell your name on the registration form exactly as you would like it on your Certificate or Diploma.
  3. Pay your $75.00 non refundable student registration fee to CIHS which will entitle you to an education tax receipt and a Diploma upon graduation.
  4. Contact Janet Amare for a 20 minute phone consultation
  5. Send your registration form and deposit to Janet Amare.


– The Course dates are to be determined. Generally, the course videos will be held over an evening running from 7:00pm to 9:00pm on a few evenings per month. Additional content will be provided through pre-recorded lectures . A full schedule, as well as a reading list, will be provided once you are approved for admission.
– Program is a combination of 85% online and 15% live.
– T-2202A Tax Receipt will be issued only if registered with CIHS

CIHS does not guarantee job placement after completing any of our programs.