REM100 - Certificate in Regression

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Course Description

Develop the skills of Early Childhood and Past Life Regression. The skills
of regression are teachable and open up new possibilities for accessing and healing stored cellular memories.  Regression tools and techniques allow the facilitator to guide individuals into past holographic memories, as well as into future projections, to change limiting decisions and to release stored cellular imprints to improve their lives.  You may use regression for information and insight to improve decision making for yourself or others.  In this series of classes you will identify your personal gifts and talents in
guiding and facilitating others into alternate states of consciousness for the purpose of exploration, information, and healing. You will learn to sense, read and channel energy on four levels (Physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual), and learn simple steps to connect to information in multiple dimensions of time and space. You will develop your abilities in listening, coaching, counselling and healing to help individuals, couples, co- workers, and families to improve their emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Janet Amare is a Doctor of Pastoral Counselling, a Certified Hypnosis Instructor, and the Professor of the Energy Medicine Diploma Programs. She has developed leading edge tools and techniques in regression, such as Somatic Regression, which allow facilitators to expand their capacity to heal past shocks and traumas, addictions, and limiting birth experiences. Janet will train you how to access your natural intuitive abilities, safely guide people into other timeframes and vibrational dimensions, and how to hold a powerful space for transformation. Throughout the course you will have access to references, videos, handouts, and live coaching to assist you in deepening
your skills and understanding of regression.

Evelyne Bernhardt has been a channel since childhood easily able to sense and understand messages from beyond the Earth plane.  She gained a healthy respect for the power and grace available in tuning into and listening to beings in multiple dimensions. Evelyne channels a powerful group of Spirits that she calls Madamme Roxolanna.  She learned to notice everything in nature and around her in her life as messages from other worlds and to appreciate the help from Spirit. Evelyne will work with you and help you to understand and assess your natural abilities and help train you to expand your channeling abilities and skills. By the end of the seven-month program you will have the tools to channel for personal use as well as for others.

Develop your Regression Skills and Healing Tools in 6 Days of Online Seminar, Lecture, Workshops and Virtual, In-Person Lessons.  Personal Coaching is also available throughout the program.


Completion of Online Seminars, Participation In Virtual Coaching Sessions, Practice with Case Studies, and Completion of mandatory readings.


– High School Diploma
– Fluent in the English language
– Acceptance into the program is based on your personal interview with Evelyne
Bernhardt, or Janet Amare, the instructors, and answers to a short questionnaire.  Book your appointment today.

Course Description

REM101 – What is Regression

The fundamentals of regression theory, different uses and types of regression, hypnosis and the use of past life and early childhood regression, and ways in which regression may be used to promote healing on four levels. This module will include live demonstrations, and a group, live interactive question and answer period.

REM102 – Using Intuition and Energy to Heal

The basics of accessing information and energy to gather insight and direct healing using your natural, intuitive gifts. Ways to protect yourself and others when memories may be highly charged due to shock, trauma, or imbalance. The basics of understanding the differences between coaching, counselling, and healing.

REM103 – Regression Principles, Tools, and Techniques

You will be given tools and practice in how to guide people into alternate states of consciousness. (This module will especially benefit those who have been certified as consulting hypnotists).

REM104 – Regression To Early Childhood

This is an interactive / experiential module where you will have the opportunity to learn and practice tools to regress individuals into early childhood experiences and safely guide them to heal limiting thoughts, feelings, and decisions.

REM105 – Regression To The Womb and Birth Process

Through teaching and in-class practice you will learn the tools of how to tune-in to a person to determine the benefits of visiting their experiences in the womb and during their birth process, and gain experience and tools to regress, heal, and teach them how to integrate and utilise this information.

REM106 – Past Life Regression

This is an interactive / experiential module where you will have the opportunity to learn and practice tools to regress individuals into past life experiences and safely guide them to heal limiting thoughts, feelings, and decisions that will benefit them in their current life.


Course may be started at any time, with mutual agreement from your teacher, when choosing the completely virtual version. If you wish to join a class and have the benefit of group sessions please check with the teacher for upcoming dates. T-2202A Tax Receipt will be issued.

Diplomas, tax receipts, and archiving of case studies are managed by The College of International Holistic Studies at All course materials, videos, and training program materials are copyright of Janet Amare, Soul Purpose Inc.
Contact Janet Amare at to arrange a 30-minute interview to
answer your questions and to be approved for the course. A $75 registration fee is payable to CIHS, through their website, at for you to be eligible for tax receipts, certificates or diplomas.