RSD100 - Certificate in Radical Self-defence

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Certificate Description

RSD100 (6 months)

The primary goal of the Certificate in Radical Self-defence course is to meet the needs of students who are members of the laity or practicing professionals and who intend on being fully prepared to coach other individuals interested in anti-aging practices that focus on employing safe, non-invasive, natural, scientific, evidenced-based methods known to prevent, counteract, and even reverse diseases and aging.

According to recent studies, medical science associates the cause of virtually every disease, inflammation, and the aging process to oxidative stress. To limit the adverse effects of free radical damage and aging, millions of North Americans take antioxidant supplements, making such supplements a multi-billion dollar industry. Antioxidants are molecules that donate electrons to balance radicals. Also, the public is becoming both increasingly aware of the benefits of consuming antioxidant substances and the need to develop serious, individualized, Radical Self-defence campaigns against oxidative stress and chronic diseases it causes. Certified Radical Self-defence Coaches (CRSCs) are trained specialists who work with others to realize their goals and help them stay focused on anti-aging strategies, establishing and/or maintaining health, and supporting long-term wellness. CRSCs are needed in today’s clinics, hospitals, media centres, news organizations, nursing homes, private practices, research centres, schools, and various other healthcare facilities, as well as diverse community centres and public service institutions.


  • Completion of required reading assignments and module tests
  • A passing grade of 70% or higher on all tests and the final examination


  • High School Diploma or Adult Student status
  • Fluent in the English language
  • Proof of Basic Anatomy and Physiology (CIHS APP102 optional )
  • Proof of Basic Medical Terminology (CIHS MED101 optional)


  • 110 clock hours over six months (based on 10 hours a week)

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COURSE: RSD 100 (6 Months)

The Certificate in Radical Self-defence course consists of a series of twenty-five (25) modules. Each module completes with a test; module twenty-five has the course’s final exam.

1. The required textbook, Radical Self Defence by author Dr. Anthony Speroni, prepares you for an in-depth, yet simply-written and easy-to-understand study on the science behind Free Radicals (potentially harmful atoms and molecules inside your body), Oxidative Stress (damage caused by excessive free radical production), Antioxidants (substances that counteract oxidative stress), and Solutions used in natural medicine to help you slow aging, overcome pain and obesity and restore your health and energy. Dr. Speroni shares with you the most up-to-date data from numerous studies conducted in various fields of science and medicine. Also, he introduces the most advanced anti-aging testing and monitoring technology, along with the only clinically-proven, synergistic herbal formulation that works to slow down your aging process, at the cellular level, to the rate of a healthy 20-year-old. This book: re-veals the cause of disease; may change how you go about fighting disease; and tells how natural medicine options may help you surmount any disorder, dysfunction or dis-ease that plagues you.

2. Radical Self-defense Study Guide:
This PDF download contains your Certificate in Radical Self-defence course materials, reference materials, and all of the required quiz/test materials. This course provides students with an introduction and overview of free radicals, oxidative stress, antioxidants, natural medicine (food, nutraceuticals, nutritional supplements, water [and hydration], exercise, and sunlight, inter alia) solutions to health challenges, and drugless wellness. Also, it investigates the various theories of aging. Statistics, reference charts, and educational quotations from a wide array of experts in diverse fields are provided throughout this course. The course’s study material begins with statistics related to diseases and aging. Then, it begins discussing the variables associated with disease and aging.

Topics included in the discussions throughout this course: a new theory on surmounting the leading causes of death; inflammation and edema, and their roles played in the production of free radicals; nutrient deficiencies; how stress plays a factor in the disease and aging process; hormone imbalances; alcohol; smoking; alkaline water; pH levels and aging; grounding; ORAC values; antioxidants and their role in relationship to cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses; diabetes; weight control; and antiaging foods and beverages such as fruits, vegetables, garlic, fish, grains, nuts, legumes, fulvic minerals, yogurt, and tea; and probiotics.