CGO100 - Certificate in Gemmotherapy & Oligotherapy

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Course Description

This Fast Track course, the Certificate in Gemmotherapy & Oligotherapy, is ideal for the student who is currently practicing in a health care field (all conventional and/or complementary and alternative medicine disciplines) as well as those students who are planning on entering into a health care practice; as well as those who are engaged in the process or planning the integration, of safe, natural, non-pharmaceutical treatment options into their practices. This course is also excellent as a continuing education credit option.
Emphasis focuses on the power of gemmotherapy solutions and is complemented by Dr. Speroni’s personal interpretation of gemmotherapy applications and purposes. Gemmotherapy is discussed concurrent with oligotherapy (minerals and precious metals), for increased effectiveness and speed. Complementing and integrative options using homeopathy and essential oils are also included in this course. Emphasis is on organ and system detoxification as well as cellular-level cleansing, drainage, and chelation.

After completing the Certificate in Gemmotherapy & Oligotherpy course, practitioners will be able to:

1. plan for proper gemmotherapy concurrent with oligotherapy application and implementations into their respective practices;
2. correctly select gemmotherapy and oligotherapy solutions in relationship to health challenges;
3. monitor the effects of gemmotherapy solutions according to the standards established and maintained by the College of International Holistic Studies.


  • Completion of required reading assignments, module tests, and final exam
  • A passing grade of 70% or higher on all tests and the final examination


  • High School Diploma or Adult Student status
  • Fluent in the English language
  • Basic Anatomy and Physiology (CIHS APP102 optional )
  • Basic Medical Terminology (CIHS MED101 optional)


  • 60 clock hours over three consecutive months (based on 8-10 hours a week study time).

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CGO100 – Certificate in Gemmotherapy and Oligotherapy

The Certificate in Gemmotherapy & Oligotherapy course consists of a series of eight (8) modules. Each module completes with a test; module eight has two tests. The course concludes with a final exam.

The required 2 textbooks (sold separately) are not about using gemstones for healing. The word gemmotherapy is derived from the Latin “gemma,” (bud), and Greek “therapeia” (medical treatment). Gemmotherapy is a modern medical intervention focusing on the cause of disease. Its remedies are a type of extremely potent herbal products manufactured principally from embryonic tissue of various trees and shrubs; but also from seeds, catkins, rootlets, and sap.

Both books are about scientifically-based, real medicine and powerful therapeutic agents. They are a must-read for professionals or laypeople who want to know about gemmotherapy and oligotherapy! They serve at the core of the CIHS college curriculum and are designed for medical doctors, naturopaths, and other healthcare professionals in mainstream and complementary and alternative medicines. They are both fascinating, well-written books providing readers with valuable reference tables and data about how to confidently and effectively incorporate gemmotherapy into clinical or consultation-based practice.


Introduces you to gemmotherapy and oligotherapy


Furthers your intro to gemmotherapy and oligotherapy.


Builds on your understanding of gemmotherapy concurrent with oligotherapy.


Builds on your understanding of gemmotherapy concurrent with oligotherapy. Moreover, it begins a product-by-product properties review for gemmotherapy.


Builds on your understanding of gemmotherapy concurrent with oligotherapy. Moreover, it delivers recommendations and pertinent information on the application of gemmotherapy products in treatment combinations for different organs and organ systems.


Divided into two parts. The first part discusses detoxification steps taken before, during, and after gemmotherapy concurrent with oligotherapy administration. The organs responsible for handling natural body detoxification processes are highlighted in this part. The second part provides an introduction to logotherapy and its respective benefits. Natural detoxification methods involving nutritional supplements are covered throughout the module.


Module 7 further builds on your understanding of therapeutic detoxification using oligotherapy and introduces valuable information to the practitioner about chelation using oligo-elements. Moreover, it delivers recommendations and pertinent information on the application of oligotherapy elements in treatment combinations for different organs and organ systems.


Module 8 briefly introduces homeopathic remedies to aid in targeting cellular-level healing goals. It also includes testing de-signed to bolster your skills at selecting specific gemmotherapy and oligotherapy solution options in consideration of prevailing health and wellness challenges.