Course Guidelines

Grading Procedures

Instructors will review each exam taken during the course of study within two to three weeks of the exam’s completion. Once moderated, results will be available to the student by returning to their quiz section within the Virtual Classroom. Marks will not be publicly posted.

Students are advised to make notes concerning their weak areas when they receive exam results. Where exam scores indicate difficulty in a particular area, students may consult the instructor to arrange for tutorial sessions.

Online courses are marked immediately, and marks transfer to an unofficial transcript which the student can view only. Official transcripts can be sent by mail at the completion of the program for a small fee.

Grade Scale

To maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress, CIHS Students must earn no less than a grade of “C” (70%) or “Pass” in all CIHS coursework. A “P” must be received in all case studies.

The standard Grading System for CIHS is as follows:

Category Grade Percentage Grade Point
Very Good
Satisfactory C+ 75-79 2.0
Minimal Pass
Below 70


Pass P Not counted in GPA
Credit by Transfer CBT Not counted in GPA
Incomplete INC Requirements not met
Course In Progress IP Not counted in GPA
Withdrew or failed course in progress FIP Not counted in GPA
Withdrew W Not counted in GPA
Audit AU Not counted in GPA
Completed requirements CR Not counted in GPA
Exempt EX Not counted in GPA

General Information

A transcript is a record of academic work undertaken at The College of International Holistic Studies. Students are responsible for supplying official transcripts for work completed at other institutions. Transcripts issued directly to students by the Virtual Classroom are marked “issued to student” and are not considered to be official. A requested official transcript is $35.00.

A student is in good standing unless otherwise noted.

The academic year is a 12 month year.

GPA (Grade Point Average) is obtained by dividing the number of course units completed by the grade points assigned to the mark received. An overall GPA will represent the mark for a full program.

Records Retention

As required by education law, all exams remain in the student’s file and are stored for seven years.

T2202A education tax receipts are emailed out during the month of February for tuition payments made during the period from January to December of the previous calendar year. Textbook fees are no longer included on the T2202A as per the CRA. It is the responsibility of the student to maintain a current email address with the school.