Aromatherapy Blending

Certificate Code: ARO 101

Aromatherapy Blending

Title: Certificate in Aromatherapy Blending

Duration: 150 Clock Hours / 6 months

Description: This comprehensive course will prepare the student to use Essential Oils for many applications including products blending for facials, body therapies, and general well being. It covers the history, extraction, methodology, chemistry and contraindications of essential oils and much more.


  • Completion of required reading assignments, tests, essays and final exams
  • A passing grade of 75% or higher on all online tests.


  • High School Diploma
  • Fluent in the English language


Course Code Course Title Duration Method of Delivery
ARO 101 Aromatherapy Blending 150 clock hours Online


Aromatherapy Theory Title: Aromatherapy Theory

Author: Linda Henderson

This comprehensive 350 page ebook consists of materials and information collected over the 25 year history that the author has been in practice using Natural Medicine. Aromatherapy was the first of Linda’s many designations and she still uses essential oils today in her busy practice. The book contains the History of Essential Oils, Olfactory Process, the Limbic System, Absorption through the skin, The Lymphatic System, Methods of extraction, Essential Oil Production and Adulteration, Effective application, Safety Guidelines and Contra-Indications, Glossary of Therapeutic Action, Carrier/Base Oils, Varied Applications, Classification of Plants, Therapeutic Grade essential oils, Chemistry of essential oils, Chemical constituents of some commonly used essential oils, Essential Oil Monographs, Anise to Ylang Ylang, Common conditions aided by Aromatherapy, Compresses, Poultices, Pregnancy, Children/Babies, Fragrant way to Beauty, The Aromatherapy Massage, and finishes with the Aromatherapy Consultation.

This book is included in Course tuition


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