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The College of International Holistic Studies

Learning about natural medicine has never been easier or more useful at The College of International Holistic Studies

The population is aging and has become disenchanted with modern medicine.
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The demand for well-trained, natural medicine practitioners is growing annually.

Becoming a natural medicine practitioner is one of the biggest career opportunities of the 21st century, offering you a way of building wealth through promoting health.

Stake your claim in this natural health revolution and start a new career in this exciting and in demand field, at The College of International Holistic Studies.

Should you take a Diploma or a Fast Track Course?

At The College of International Holistic Studies, our Diploma programs are recognized by the Government of Canada and many associations. A Diploma will allow you to practice in your chosen area of natural medicine.

Our Fast Track Courses are ideal for those natural medicine practitioners who wish to add to their portfolio of skills and to the services they provide to their patients. Fast Track Courses are also perfect for those students who wish to pursue an area of study for their own interest or personal enhancement.

When you study online with the College of International Holistic Studies and receive one of our holistic studies diplomas your career options will immediately expand – giving you the contentment and satisfaction that comes with a secure professional career and a brighter future.

Why Study Natural Medicine with CIHS?

Holistic Medicine SymbolAll College of International Holistic Studies courses have as their underlying philosophy that while Nature provides the tools for healing; natural therapies can be used to stimulate these same healing energies.

1. Natural Medicine is a High Demand Profession

As the percentage of elderly in our population increases, the number of individuals with chronic illnesses will also continue to increase. As a result, the demand for trained natural health professionals will increase as well. A CIHS Diploma will position you to be ready to take advantage of this rapidly growing demand.

2. High Educational Standards:

The education offered at CIHS is of the highest accredited standards, with one of the most comprehensive online natural medicine programs in Canada.

3. Reasonable Tuition Fees
CIHS works hard to make first class holistic health education affordable to everyone. Our reasonable tuition fees include all your study materials. You could pay thousands more for a similar program, but why would you want to?

4. Registration and Affiliations
The College of International Holistic Studies is registered with the Government of Canada. CIHS is affiliated with many international boards and organizations around the world.

5. Flexibility Offered by Online and Distance Education

Online courses at CIHS operate under an Open University style system, giving students flexibility in planning their study to suit their lifestyle and work schedule. A wide variety of courses are offered online for designated qualifications and/or for general interest or personal growth.

6. Improved Health
You and your family will become healthier through the knowledge you’ll obtain from pursuing studies with CIHS.

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