Maria Gonyea

Maria Gonyea has worked in the field of education for over 30 years. Her passion, dedication and love for children has taken her through a wonderful journey, that has taught her about acceptance, belonging and joy. After obtaining her degree in early childhood education from Ryerson University, she worked in a child care centre for 9 years, while raising 2 daughters of her own. She was fortunate to land a job at a reputable Montessori school where she earned a diploma as a Montessori teacher. After 12 years working with young children, she decided to explore the area of Administration. After several years of taking part in roles such as Supervisor, Vice Principal, and Change Agent, she became a Principal/Head of School in a small town working in a Montessori environment. During her work experiences, Maria wrote and published a poignant children’s story, where she introduces Spirit to children. After enrolling in many energy healing courses, she became a Reiki Healer and Energy Healer, inspired to help Adults understand how to work with Crystal, Indigo and Sprite Children. Today she is a grandmother and continues to enjoy working with teachers, children and their families. Creating community wherever she goes, is what inspires Maria to do her best and be present in her endeavors. Enjoy time learning with Maria!