Gemmotherapy & Oligotherapy

Unveiling the Healing Potential of Plant Bud Extracts and Minerals

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Course Description:

This Fast Track course, the Certificate in Gemmotherapy & Oligotherapy, is ideal for the student who is currently practicing in a health care field (all conventional and/or complementary and alternative medicine disciplines) as well as those students who are planning on entering into a health care practice; as well as those who are engaged in the process or planning the integration, of safe, natural, non-pharmaceutical treatment options into their practices. This course is also excellent as a continuing education credit option.
Emphasis focuses on the power of gemmotherapy solutions and is complemented by Dr. Speroni’s personal interpretation of gemmotherapy applications and purposes. Gemmotherapy is discussed concurrent with oligotherapy (minerals and precious metals), for increased effectiveness and speed. Complementing and integrative options using homeopathy and essential oils are also included in this course. Emphasis is on organ and system detoxification as well as cellular-level cleansing, drainage, and chelation.

After completing the Certificate in Gemmotherapy & Oligotherpy course, practitioners will be able to:

1. plan for proper gemmotherapy concurrent with oligotherapy application and implementations into their respective practices;
2. correctly select gemmotherapy and oligotherapy solutions in relationship to health challenges;
3. monitor the effects of gemmotherapy solutions according to the standards established and maintained by the College of International Holistic Studies.


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