Channeling & Mediumship

Certificate Code: CCM 100

Channeling and Mediumship

Title: Certificate in Channeling and Mediumship

Duration: 72 Clock Hours / 6 months

Description: Learn or fine-tune the skills of Channeling and Mediumship. Identify your personal gifts and talents in connecting to Spirit. The skills are teachable and open up new possibilities for accessing valuable insight from the Divine in its many forms. Channeling allows you to tune into energies in other dimensions and to bring them into a form that can be understood and interpreted to improve your life. You may channel for yourself or others. As a Channel or Medium you step aside and allow loving beings to use your voice or hands to channel frequencies from alternate dimensions. Learn to sense, read and channel energy on four levels. Develop a natural ability to be a channel for beings who are loving and want to share their light. Learn simple steps to connect with beings in other dimensions to bring their wisdom to yourself or others.

Evelyne Bernhardt has been a channel since childhood easily able to sense and understand messages from beyond the Earth plane. She gained a healthy respect for the power and grace available in tuning into and listening to beings in multiple dimensions. Evelyne channels a powerful group of Spirits that she calls Madamme Roxolanna. She learned to notice everything in nature and around her in her life as messages from other worlds and to appreciate the help from Spirit. Evelyne will work with you and help you to understand and assess your natural abilities and help train you to expand your channeling abilities and skills. By the end of the seven-month program you will have the tools to channel for personal use as well as for others.

Develop your Channeling and Spiritual Connection 12 Days of Seminar, Lecture, Workshops and Audio Lessons. Personal Coaching is also available throughout the program.


  • Class Participation and Practice


  • High School Diploma
  • Fluent in the English language
  • Acceptance into the program is based on your personal interview with Evelyne Bernhardt, the instructor, and answers to a short questionnaire. Book your appointment today.



Course Code Course Title Duration Method of Delivery
CCM 101 Principles of Channeling 12 clock hours in class 9:30-4:30
CCM 102 Opening the Channel 12 clock hours in class 9:30-4:30
CCM 103 Mediumship 12 clock hours in class 9:30-4:30
CCM 104 Channeling from Nature 12 clock hours in class 9:30-4:30
CCM 105 Channeling from People 12 clock Hours in class 9:30-4:30
CCM 106 Practical Experience as a Channel 12 clock hours in class 9:30-4:30


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