BFB100 - Part 1 of Diploma in Biofeedback

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Course Description

Quantum Biofeedback is an exciting new field within the Integrative and Complementary Health Care arena. As the need for safe, non invasive, non toxic yet highly effective health care options increases in popularity, highly qualified and professionally trained Biofeedback Practitioners are also in increasingly high demand. CIHS has therefore created a Diploma program with these needs in mind.

Obtaining a Diploma in Quantum Biofeedback is an 18 month process. The first 4months—BFB100 consists of 5 modules. All are completed online. The student will be required to hand in one case study with a supporting 1000 word dissertation after completing the 5 modules .

The following 14 months, BFB200, consists of BFB 201: viewing twenty-three 1 1/2 hour lectures on deeper understanding of the various panels in the LIFE system and how to use them, BFB 202: reading 3 research books and completing the accompanying tests, APP 102: completion of CIHS Custom Introduction to the Human Body, and finally BFB 203: completion of 25 case studies. The 25th case study will also require a 2500 word dissertation.

The successful graduate will receive a Diploma in Quantum Biofeedback and can then apply to the Canadian Examining Board of Healthcare Practitioners ( to become a Registered Quantum Biofeedback Practitioner (RQBP).

The student will require a biofeedback device. This program is taught using the LIFE system. A 10 day demo is available for viewing Module 104 and doing the BFB100 case study only. More information on this system can be found on


  • Completion of all tests
  • Completion of required reading assignments and
  • BFB101 case studies and a 1000 word dissertation
  • BFB203 25 case studies and a 2500 word dissertation
  • A passing grade of 70% or higher on all online tests.


  • High School Diploma or Adult Student Status
  • Fluent in the English language
  • The student will need access to a LIFE system or a demo version of the LIFE system for BFB100 Module 4, the 3 days of hands on education, and to complete the BFB101 case study.


BFB101 (4 months)

Module 1: Legalities, Ethics & Scope of Practice 8 hrs
Module 2: History & Guidelines of Biofeedback 8 hrs
Module 3a: Quantum Physics 8 hrs
Module 3b: Basics of Quantum Theory 8 hrs
Module 4: Biofeedback Device Online Instruction 24 hrs
Module 5: BioEnergetic Coaching 16 hrs
Required: Case study, 2000 word dissertation 8 hrs

Next 14 months

BFB201 – Biofeedback Continuing Education Series 40 hrs
BFB202 – Required Reading Assignments 50 hrs
APP102 – CIHS Introduction to the Human Body 150 hrs
BFB203 – 25 case studies 250 hrs


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BFB101 – Diploma in Biofeedback contains 5 modules:

Module 1 – Legalities, Ethics and Scope of Practice

The student will learn the language used by Biofeedback Practitioners in order to stay within recommended guidelines. By the end of this course, the student will submit a personally written informed consent form, write their personal code of ethics and define their scope of practice.

Module 2 – Foundations of Quantum Physics

This course will give the student the foundation and basic understanding of the principles of the Quantum Field, the principles upon which the LIFE System was designed. These principles will then be applied in relation to Quantum Biofeedback Technology.

Module 3 – The History and Guidelines of Biofeedback

This course describes the beginnings of Biofeedback as a medical model in 1960. It then covers the changes that have taken place and the guidelines in which to use Quantum Biofeedback.

Module 4 – Biofeedback Device Instruction

The Diploma in Biofeedback course consists of 24 hours of intensive online video instruction using the LIFE System as the equipment of choice. It is recommended that the student purchase this device prior to viewing this course however a 10 day demo can be provided for those who have not yet decided. Instruction will be built upon prior course content and will include the understanding of the system numbers and how to complete a successful session based on the guidance of the energy body of the person hooked up.

Module 5 – BioEnergetic Coaching

This portion of the course follows Module 4 and will expose the students to the theories, techniques and legalities of coaching practices. You will learn skills, tips and exercises that can greatly increase the effectiveness of your interactions with clients. You will learn how to motivate your clients legally, morally and ethically with CIHS’s BioEnergetic Coaching Course.

The Next 14 MONTHS consists of:

APP102 – CIHS Introduction to the Human Body

In this course, students will learn the basic knowledge of all anatomical and muscular/skeletal parts required in body care. They will also gain an understanding of the disease and disorder relationships such as Human cell structure, General anatomical features, Skeleton and Musculature, Digestive System, Respiratory System, Circulatory System, Blood, Lymphatic System, Nervous System, Sensory Organs, Urinary System, Genital Organs, Human Reproduction, Endocrine System and Immunological System.

BFB201 – Biofeedback Continuing Education Series

This course includes twenty-three 1 1/2 hour PowerPoint presentations take the student deeper into understanding the various panels and energetic components of the LIFE System. Students will grasp concepts of cause and effect, why and how to clear specific energy blocks effectively based on Good, Better and Best options. These presentations will also provide instruction on various Natural Health subjects in order to expand the therapist’s effectiveness in the application of their specific Biofeedback System.

BFB202 – Required Reading Assignments

Students will be required to read, review and critique three personally selected texts from the required reading list (see list under books). Satisfactory completion of the assignments accompanying those selections is required.

BFB203 – 25 case studies plus Case Study with Dissertation

The student will be required to complete 25 case studies in total. She/He will be required to submit a dissertation based upon case study #25 performed with a client while a CIHS student. The client must have had a minimum of three sessions with the CIHS student. The submitted paper must be a minimum of 2,500 typed, double spaced words. Guidelines will be given at the appropriate time.

MED101 – Medical Terminology

This is an optional course but is highly recommended

Medical Terminology Made Easy, is a self-paced learning approach designed to ease you into the language of medicine that separates the layperson from the professional. The programmed-learning format requires active participation through reading, writing, answering questions, labelling, repetition, and providing immediate feedback. This format will help you to correctly decipher new terms by identifying and then practicing different word parts.