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Course Description

The Chemistry / Biochemistry Course uses Kenneth Raymond’s textbook: General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry. The book offers a concise, manageable, highly effective alternative with an integrated Table of contents. The text presents interrelated topics from general, organic, and biochemistry in the same or adjacent chapters. This highly integrated approach reduces excess review and enables students to explore biochemical topics earlier in the Chemistry / Biochemistry course. The result is a briefer, more focused, and more engaging text. Raymond takes a much-applied approach, filled with real-life examples that effectively connect chemistry to future careers in health-related fields. Chapter-opening vignettes focus on the link between chemistry and everyday topics. Online videos and articles from ScienCentral connect the chemistry presented in the text to current events.

Note: CIHS is pleased to offer this text as well as access to the Wiley Plus Online Classroom at a special reduced student rate. This special pricing for the text and access to Wiley Plus is only available for purchase through the College

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