DHM200 - Diploma in Herbal Medicine - Year Two

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Overall Diploma Description

The Diploma in Herbal Medicine – Year Two program is unique in that it delivers 3 different types of herbal structures, young buds, mature plants and ―blood’ of plants. Students will learn how to use and apply all 3 variations.

Medical Herbalism is a foundational textbook on the scientific principles of therapeutic herbalism and their application in medicine. Based on the author’s more than twenty-five years of herbal practice, it contains comprehensive information concerning the identification and use of medicinal plants both by chemical structure and physiological effect, the art and science of making herbal medicine, and the challenge to current research paradigms posed by complex plant medicines.

Gemmotherapy is derived from the Latin ―gemma,‖ (bud), and Greek ―therapeia‖ (medical treatment). Gemmotherapy is a modern medical intervention focusing on the cause of disease. Its remedies are a type of extremely potent herbal products manufactured principally from embryonic tissue of various trees and shrubs; but also from seeds, catkins, rootlets and sap.

Aromatherapy is the study and use of powerful anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial essential oils for other related therapies to enhance wellness and promote deep relaxation. This program integrates advanced therapeutic methods for a more comprehensive healing effect. They are considered the ―life-blood‖ of the plant world.

After attaining the Diploma in Herbal Medicine, the successful graduate can apply to the Canadian Examining Board of Healthcare Practitioners (CanadianExaminingBoard.com) for the designation CCHP Certified Clinical Herbal Practitioner.


  • Completion of required reading assignments, online tests, and essays
  • Satisfactory completion of 25 case studies and 2500 word dissertation on one successful case study
  • A passing grade of 70% or higher on all tests and final exam


Total Two Year Duration

925 Clock Hours / 24 consecutive months

Associated Courses

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ARO101 - Aromatherapy Theory Course Online $595
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DHM200 – YEAR TWO (12 months):

HRB201 – Medical Herbalism

The author details the intricate chemistry behind herbalism, providing for the first time important background and insights into how herbal remedies are able to achieve their results and the limitations and potential of viewing herbs chemically. He then presents in-depth discussions of specific ailments and treatments organized by each of the major body systems, as well as delving into the special needs of children and the elderly. He includes the most up-to-date information on preparations, dosage, and contraindications; information on toxicology and the issues involved in determining dosage and formulation types for an individual; and the pros and cons of both commercial and traditional techniques. His materia medica presents 150 of the most beneficial herbs used in treatment practices, identifying not only their present uses but also their historical derivations.

CGO100 – Gemmotherapy & Oligotherapy

This course, about gemmotherapy and logotherapy, consists of a series of eight (8) modules. Each module completes with a test; module eight has two tests. The course concludes with a final exam.

ARO101 – Aromatherapy Blending

The course contains the History of Essential Oils, Olfactory Process, the Limbic System, Absorption through the skin, The Lymphatic System, Methods of Extraction, Essential Oil Production and Adulteration, Effective Application, Safety Guidelines and Contra-Indications, Glossary of Therapeutic Action, Carrier/Base Oils, Varied Applications, Classification of Plants, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Chemistry of essential oils, Chemical constituents of some commonly used essential oils, Essential Oil Monographs, Anise to Ylang Ylang, common conditions aided by Aromatherapy, Com-presses, Poultices, Pregnancy, Children/Babies, Fragrant Way to Beauty, The Aromatherapy Massage, and finishes with the Aromatherapy Consultation.

BIZ101 – Business Ethics

All professionals need to have an informed consent form outlining their capabilities to their clientele. The graduate of this course needs an understanding of their scope of practice and a code of ethics that governs their practice. This course teaches the legalities around these requirements. Each student will be required to submit all 3 forms so that they understand their legal rights and obligations.