BFB101 – Biofeedback 4 Month – 5 Module

Course Description

Obtaining a Diploma in Quantum Biofeedback is an 18 month process. The Biofeedback 4 Month – 5 Module program is the first 4 months of the course, which consists of 5 modules. All are completed online. The student will be required to hand in one case study with a supporting 2000 word dissertation after completing the 5 modules.

Module 1 – Legalities, Ethics and Scope of Practice

The student will learn the language used by Biofeedback Practitioners in order to stay within recommended guidelines. By the end of this course, the student will submit a personally written informed consent form, write their personal code of ethics and define their scope of practice.

Module 2 – Foundations of Quantum Physics

This course will give the student the foundation and basic understanding of the principles of the Quantum Field, the principles upon which the LIFE System was designed. These principles will then be applied in relation to Quantum Biofeedback Technology.

Module 3 – The History and Guidelines of Biofeedback

This course describes the beginnings of Biofeedback as a medical model in 1960. It then covers the changes that have taken place and the guidelines in which to use Quantum Biofeedback.

Module 4 – Biofeedback Device Instruction

This course consists of 24 hours of intensive online video instruction using the LIFE System as the equipment of choice. It is recommended that the student purchase this device prior to viewing this course however a 10 day demo can be provided for those who have not yet decided. Instruction will be built upon prior course content and will include the understanding of the system numbers and how to complete a successful session based on the guidance of the energy body of the person hooked up.

Module 5 – BioEnergetic Coaching

This portion of the course follows Module 4 and will expose the students to the theories, techniques and legalities of coaching practices. You will learn skills, tips and exercises that can greatly increase the effectiveness of your interactions with clients. You will learn how to motivate your clients legally, morally and ethically with CIHS’s BioEnergetic Coaching Course.

Associated Courses

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BFB100 - Part 1 of Diploma in Biofeedback Diploma Online $595
BFB201 - Biofeedback Continuing Education Series Course Online $695
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BFB100 - The LIFE Demo
BFB100 - Supplementary Forms

These are a collection of forms to be printed, scanned/emailed to as required.

BFB100 - LIFE System Manual

This is the Education manual to accompany the live three day LIFE System training. Please download Parts 1 and 3, plus 2a, b, and/or c as it pertains to the version of software you have purchased - the Classic (multi-coloured screens - 2a,2b,2c) or the Professional (blue/black screens-2a,ab).

BFB101 - Professional Ethics
BFB102 - History & Guidelines
BFB103a - Quantum Physics
BFB103b - Basics of Quantum Theory
BFB104c – 3 Day Training Level 1 Education

The following 3 days of Biofeedback Level One Education was filmed in Syracuse New York in front of a live class. It is filled with information and answers to questions that came from the students in regards to the LIFE system. Please enjoy. Once you have completed viewing these videos in their entirety, you will be required to complete a case study and submit it to CIHS. You will find the outline and an example of how to complete the case study in your supplemental forms folder. This case study will constitute 50% of the marks required for your Level One completion.

BFB105 – Bioenergetic Coach


BFB101 - Biofeedback Ethics
24 questions

Quiz for the Ethics Portion of the CBS Requirements.

BFB102 - History & Guidelines
25 questions

A Twenty-Five Question Quiz on Classical Biofeedback to help you prepare for the CBS Exam.

BFB103 - Quantum Physics
23 questions

The Quiz for the Quantum Physics Module