DNM200 – Diploma in Natural Medicine – Year Two

Overall Diploma Description

The Diploma of Natural Medicine – Year One is the first year of the Diploma in Natural Medicine. This course combines the study of the many natural modalities which can be used to with patients, including botanical medicine, gemmotherapy and oligotherapy, biofeedback and nutrition. The effectiveness of these processes are pure and simple – they help to prevent dis-ease and achieve optimal health.

By completing this diploma you will gain the specialist skills needed to become a Registered Health Practitioner. If you are already one of the 5 regulated and recognized doctors, then you can become a Doctor of Natural Medicine.

The student has the opportunity to choose three electives depending on their speciality or focus (one course from Elective A, one course from Elective B, and one course from Elective C.) The online format is very unique to CIHS. The student will be exposed to 2 Virtual Classrooms called Wiley Plus for the Wiley textbook courses and the CIHS Virtual Classroom for the instructional tutorials, tests and exams.



  • Completion of required reading assignments & essays
  • A passing grade of 70% or higher on all online tests and final exams
  • 36 case studies and 2 – 2000 word essays and a 5000 word dissertation

Overall Duration:

  • 2210 clock hours based on 8-10 hours a week for 221 weeks (48 consecutive months)
  • Extension fees will apply if more time needed for completion.

Associated Courses

Title Type Method of Delivery Price Link
RFX101 - Reflexology Theory Course Online $595
CGO100 - Certificate in Gemmotherapy & Oligotherapy Course Online $795
DNM400 - Diploma in Natural Medicine - Year Four Diploma Online $3,200
DNM300 - Diploma in Natural Medicine - Year Three Diploma Online $1,980
HRB201 - Medical Herbalism Course Online $695
BCM101 - Chemistry / Biochemistry Course Online $695
MED101 - Medical Terminology Course Online $125
RSD100 - Certificate in Radical Self-defence Course Online $795
ARO101 - Aromatherapy Theory Course Online $595
BIZ101 - Business Ethics Course Online INCLUDED
DFM100 - Darkfield Microscopy Course Online $995
CEM100 - Introduction to Energy Medicine Course Online $995
BIO301 - Biology Course Online $695
OMN103, 104 & 105 - Orthomolecular Medicine Level Three, Four & Five Course Online $1,795
OMN101 & 102 - Orthomolecular Medicine Level One & Two Course Online $1,395
NTN201 - Nutrition, Science and Applications Course Online $695
APP101 - Introduction to the Human Body Course Online $695
DNM100 - Diploma in Natural Medicine - Year One Diploma Online $1,440
ACP101 - Acupressure Course Online $995


NTN201 – Nutrition, Science and Applications

Guiding nutritionists toward an understanding of the scientific principles underlying what they know about nutrition, this book helps them gain effective decision-making skills about nutritional choices. Unique Science Applied boxes answer the questions about how we learn what we know about the science of nutrition and why knowledge changes. Critical Thinking exercises included in each chapter allow them to learn the basics of how to think about a problem or situation creatively and critically. A case study is also included in each chapter that builds interest in the material. Each chapter then concludes with a postscript that solidifies the nutritionists’ understanding of the links between science and application. Purchase of Text from CIHS Includes Wiley Plus Classroom

OMN101 – Orthomolecular Nutrition Level One

This course consists of 13 modules of evidence-based materials covering such topics as theories of aging, free radicals, and antioxidants, B vitamins, essential fatty acids, cardiovascular disease, cholesterol and triglycerides, joint support, natural management of menopause and PMS, disease management, immune function and detoxification, melatonin, and human growth hormones.

Tuition Includes CIHS Virtual Classroom and E-Books

OMN102 – Orthomolecular Nutrition Level Two

This course covers 10 modules of scientific evidence-based materials written by Dr. James Meschino. He includes lectures on topics such as prostate enlargement and cancer in men over forty, preserving libido and sexual function over fifty, prevention of osteoporosis and cancer, nutrition and brain support, skin and eyes, minerals, dangerous herbs and important drug interactions, athletic performance, and supplementation for various health conditions.
Tuition Includes CIHS Virtual Classroom and E-Books

OMN103 – Orthomolecular Nutrition Level Three

Dr. James Meschino continues his brilliant evidence-based writings with Nutritional Aspects and Athletic Performance and Essentials of Pharmacology for Alternative Health Practitioners, (comparing drugs to supplements). The ebook is complemented with an online lecture and PowerPoint.
Tuition Includes CIHS Virtual Classroom and E-Books

OMN104 – Orthomolecular Nutrition Level Four

Once again, Dr. Meschino presents a dynamic lecture, PowerPoint and ebook covering how to conduct a Nutritional and functional assessment of a patient. The ebook includes graphs, charts, questionnaires, and handouts suitable for giving to clients. There is also a chapter on drug/nutrient interactions. This course contains a wealth of practical knowledge for fledgling graduates to use in everyday practice.
Tuition Includes CIHS Virtual Classroom and EBooks

OMN105 – Orthomolecular Nutrition Level Five

This last course in the series of five by Dr. James Meschino covers the latest findings in Adjunctive Nutritional Management in Cancer. He also discusses nutrition concerns in underdeveloped countries, chronic renal failure, iron deficiencies, and finally medical test interpretation used in conjunction with patient assessments.
Tuition Includes CIHS Virtual Classroom and EBooks

BIZ101 – Business Ethics

All professionals need to have an informed consent form outlining their capabilities to their clientele. The graduate needs an understanding of their scope of practice and a code of ethics that governs their practice. This course teaches the legalities around these requirements. Each student will be required to submit all 3 forms so that they understand their legal rights and obligations.