OMN101 & 102 - Orthomolecular Medicine Level One & Two

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OMN101 – Orthomolecular Medicine Level One

Level one of the course consists of 13 modules of evidence-based materials covering such topics as theories of aging, free radicals, and antioxidants, B vitamins, essential fatty acids, cardiovascular disease, cholesterol and triglycerides, joint support, natural management of menopause and PMS, disease management, immune function and detoxification, melatonin, and human growth hormones.

Tuition Includes CIHS Virtual Classroom and E-Books

OMN102 – Orthomolecular Medicine Level Two

This course covers 10 modules of scientific evidence-based materials written by Dr. James Meschino. He includes lectures on topics such as prostate enlargement and cancer in men over forty, preserving libido and sexual function over fifty, prevention of osteoporosis and cancer, nutrition and brain support, skin and eyes, minerals, dangerous herbs and important drug interactions, athletic performance, and supplementation for various health conditions.

Tuition Includes CIHS Virtual Classroom and E-Books

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